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Portable Ladder

Compact Like Never Before



The Stepexx Ladder can be deployed in less than 3 seconds. The components easily lock into place, providing a secure platform - no matter the mission.
The ladder is very easy to unfold and can be used by everyone.


Our unique concept shows that a ladder has never been so compact, with dimensions of only 30 cm by 60 cm when folded. the size of an unfolded ladder can reach 8 times the size of a folded one. We offer three differents sizes 


Our product is made of strong, durable casted aluminium. This is why the Stepexx ladder can carry up to 150 kg.

Compact Like Never Before

Stepexx ladder is one of the best folding technology. After countless hours of research and testing, our ladders have become one of the smallest/most compact ladders. This is so that you can store them almost anywhere. For example in your trunk, under the seat, in your closet,... This gives endless opportunities for persons with limited storage space, small vehicles,... 

Compact Like Never Before
Quick Use & Portability

Quick Use & Portability

Our ultimate folding technology is so unique that you can unfold the ladder in less than 3 seconds. The components easily lock into place. Our ladders are equipped with extra safety features that can guarantee the folding technique is safely when used. The comfort of our customers is our number one priority.


Best Folding Ladder

Explore the most compacted ladder. 

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